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Garage Trades are very popular career choices - and with over 22 million vehicles on the road, there's always a demand for skilled and semi-skilled workers. Because it's popular work, you can expect a lot of competition in getting started, so it's important to do some preparation and finding out about the job first.

Types of Garage Skill                

Light vehicle mechanics service and repair faults in cars and small vans. They account for half of all apprentices. Car mechanics/fitters work in all sorts of garages and workshops. Some are modern and spacious, with up to date equipment; many are traditional and small. Most mechanics work for garages which service and repair cars for private and business customers. You might work mainly on just one or two makes of vehicle if the garage has the local franchise, or you might deal with all types.

Heavy vehicle mechanics work on lorries, trucks and buses. About one in five young people go into this type of work. Some companies and organisations, which own a lot of vehicles, such as haulage contractors and coach companies employ their own mechanics to look after the fleet.

Getting Started                                   

The usual way to get started is through an approved Training Programme like an Apprenticeship or an Advanced Apprenticeship.
During your training you will attend a college/training centre one day per week to gain a recognised NVQ or VCQ to at least Level 2. The rest of the time will be spent at your garage gaining basic practical skills and experience. Click on the application form image on the top right of this page to download and print off the form. Or you can request a copy by clicking on the contact icon.

The awarding body for the VCQ is City & Guilds and the title given to the qulaification is a Diploma in Vehicle Maintenance & Repair and is the same for Levels 2 & 3. Further information on these can be found HERE

To achieve an apprenticeship you need to complete what is known as a Framework. This is made up of certain elements that incude the VCQ / NVQ, Key / Functional skills, On The Job Training, a Technical Certificate (VRQ) and an Induction that include Health & Safety and First Aid. To see a diagram of what makes up this Framework please click HERE

The NQF framework which included the NVQ has now finished and as of Sept 2011 all of the new apprentices have been enrolled on the new QCF framework which gains them the newer VCQ qualification. No one can be registered onto an NVQ in vehicle maintenance & repair as part of an apprenticeship anymore. Anyone who has already achieved an NVQ still remains qualified. The qualification has not been deleted. You are just as qualified as you always have been. The new VCQ, put simply, is an NVQ with a new name.

Where you can work, Mechanic/Fitter/Body Repairer 

Most mechanics work for small local garages or dealerships, or for branches of the big national motor groups. There are some openings for mechanics with firms which have their own transport fleets - bus and coach companies, removal and haulage firms. It is necessary for any candidate to be in employment for a minium of 16 hours per week.

Once qualified, experienced mechanics can eventually get jobs as: Foreman/woman, supervisor or manager; sales staff; patrol staff for the AA and RAC etc; inspectors and assessors for insurance companies; teaching in colleges of further education etc.

There's also the chance to become self-employed if you have a head for business - running your own garage or specialist firm, or offering roadside or on-the-drive repairs and maintenance to customers.

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