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Lancaster Training Services Ltd (LTS) also offer those people who work in a garage, but not in a mechanical role, the chance to gain a qualification. The Vehicle Parts Operations qualification has become quite popular over the last few years. Employers and employees alike have seen the benefits to having such a qualification. The parts qualification has also moved forward and is no longer an NVQ but is now the newer VCQ.

What are the qualifications about?  

A VCQ in Vehicle Parts Operations shows you know how to get vehicle parts from shelves to customers - everything from helping customers to order the correct vehicle part, packing and loading parts and using handling equipment, checking stock levels, and maximising sales.
For this practical course you would demonstrate your skills at work just like a mechanical apprentice. You would attend the training centre one day per week and be in your workplace for four days. To gain the VCQ Level 2 the candidate would only need to attend the training centre for the first of two years. The second year of the course is carried out completely in the workplace. Like the other VCQ's we offer, to gain a Level 3 qualification, an additional year is required. For more information please contact us or click HERE

Who are they for?  

A qualification in Vehicle Parts Operations is for anyone already working in the motor industry and wants to demonstrate their knowledge of vehicle parts operations.



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