MOT Annual Refresher Training

Maintaining MOT Tester status

From April 2016 all current and new MOT testers will be required to record a minimum of 3 hours of training annually, and a minimum of 16 hours over a rolling five-year period. Each year DVSA will publish a syllabus in January that will cover the requirements for the following year (April to end March). In addition, they will need to pass an online MOT annual assessment – if they wish to remain an MOT tester. The individual will be required to maintain a log of the annual training and evidence of completing this test- which may be checked at any time by DVSA. Failure to maintain the required training or achieve an acceptable score in the annual test may result in their Tester Status being withdrawn.

What you need to do

To keep your MOT tester status, every tester will have to do at least three hours of training between the start of April and the end of March the following year annually. Lancaster Training Services Ltd can deliver the Annual MOT refresher Training, and online testing, for up to 9 candidates at a time.

April 2023 to March 2024 annual training syllabus for:-

The topics you need to study depend on whether you test class 1 and 2 vehicles (‘group A’) or class 3, 4, 5 and 7 vehicles (‘group B’).

Some topics are studied by both groups.

Group A (class 1 and 2 vehicles)

If you test vehicles in group A, you need to know about:

  1. brake test procedures
  2. MOT test procedures
  3. managing your MOT account
  4. continuing professional development (CPD)
  5. the MOT inspection manual for motorcycles and sidecars

Group B (class 3, 4, 5 and 7 vehicles)

If you test vehicles in group B, you need to know about:

    1. Registering a vehicle for MOT test
    2. Use of equipment
    3. MOT testing procedures
    4. MOT inspection manual and MOT guide instructions
    5. Previous years training

Course dates:

  • Tuesday 26th March – 1300

This package includes 3 hours of training, handouts, the online assessment, and a certificate of learning (for CPD)

Fee £85 + VAT per delegate.

For more details and to book your course call 01524 858326 or email before the March 2024 deadline

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