The Driver CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence) is a scheme for LGV and PCV drivers who drive professionally throughout the UK. It is being developed as a requirement of the EU Directive 2003/59, which is designed to improve the knowledge and skills of professional LGV and PCV drivers throughout their working life. It is also known as 'periodic training'.


All drivers need to complete a minimum of 35 hours of periodic training every five years. The training will require attendance at courses but will not require drivers to take or pass further examinations. How you gain your Driver CPC will depend upon when you obtained your vocational licence.
If you are a bus or coach driver and held your vocational licence (D*, D1*, DE*, D1E*) prior to 10 September 2008 you have acquired rights until 9 September 2013. If you are a lorry driver and held your vocational licence (C, C1, CE, C1E) prior to 10 September 2009 you have acquired rights until 9 September 2014. To keep your Driver CPC and continue driving professionally beyond this date, you will need to complete 35 hours of periodic training. 


The cost is £76.00 inc VAT and JAUPT upload fee for stand-alone classroom based courses. Ask about 5 days for the price of 4.
‘Add On’ DCPC – ADR – Collect 21 hours of DCPC whilst doing your ADR training at a cost of £134.25 inc VAT and JAUPT upload fee.

For a more detailed information sheet on periodic training please click here 

New drivers will need to pass the initial qualification to gain their vocational driving licence and qualify for their Driver CPC. For a new driver, the requirement to undertake a minimum of 35 hours periodic training to retain their Driver CPC will start once they have passed the initial qualification.

For a more detailed information sheet on initial training please click here

For a list of JAUPT approved Driver CPC courses please click here.

DCPC Dates

DayDateCourse Title
Saturday21/04/2018 - FULLDrivers Hours and Tachographs
Monday23/04/2018 - Limited availabilityDrivers Hours and Tachographs
Tuesday24/04/2018 - FULLVulnerable Road Users
Wednesday25/04/2018 - Limited availabilityDelivering Outstanding Customer Service
Thursday26/04/2018Safe Loading and Manual Handling
Friday27/04/2018 - Limited availabilitySafe and Fuel Efficient Driving
Saturday28/04/2018 - FULLSafe Loading and Manual Handling
Saturday12/05/2018Drivers Hours and Tachographs
Tuesday29/05/2018Drivers Hours and Tachographs
Wednesday30/05/2018Vulnerable Road Users
Thursday31/05/2018Delivering Outstanding Customer Service
Friday01/06/2018Safe Loading and Manual Handling
Saturday02/06/2018Vulnerable Road Users
Saturday09/06/2018Safe Loading and Manual Handling
Monday18/06/2018Drivers Hours and Tachographs
Tuesday19/06/2018Vulnerable Road Users
Wednesday20/06/2018Delivering Outstanding Customer Service
Thursday21/06/2018Safe Loading and Manual Handling
Friday22/06/2018Safe and Fuel Efficient Driving
Saturday23/06/2018 - FULLSafe and Fuel Efficient Driving
Saturday14/07/2018Drivers Hours and Tachographs
Monday23/07/2018Drivers Hours and Tachographs
Tuesday24/07/2018Vulnerable Road Users
Wednesday25/07/2018Delivering Outstanding Customer Service
Thursday26/07/2018Safe Loading and Manual Handling
Friday27/07/2018Safe and Fuel Efficient Driving
Saturday28/07/2018Vulnerable Road Users
Saturday11/08/2018Safe and Fuel Efficient Driving
Monday03/09/2018Drivers Hours and Tachographs
Tuesday04/09/2018Vulnerable Road Users
Wednesday05/09/2018Delivering Outstanding Customer Service
Thursday06/09/2018Safe Loading and Manual Handling
Friday07/09/2018Safe and Fuel Efficient Driving
Saturday08/09/2018Drivers Hours and Tachographs
Saturday29/09/2018Vulnerable Road Users
Saturday06/10/2018Safe and Fuel Efficient Driving

DCPC - Time left until Driver Qualification Card renewal