Provisional licence - Medicals - Theory Test Preparation

Provisional licence Medicals Theory test preparation


C1 - Over 3.5 up to 7.5 Tonnes Maximum Authorised Mass (MAM) provisional licence

C1+E - Over 3.5 up to 7.5 Tonnes (MAM) towing large trailer (over 750Kg)

C (rigid) - Over 7.5 Tonne (MAM)

C+E (artic or drawbar) - Towing a large trailer

D1 - Minibus (over 8, but no more than 16seats)

D1+E - Minibus towing large trailer (over 750Kg) Passenger Carrying Vehicle (PCV)

D - Bus/Coach (over 16seats)


You must have a full licence to drive a car - Group B.

The next stage is to complete the forms required to apply for your provisional driving licence - D2 & D4 (available from LTS). D2 is about you and the provisional you want and D4 is a medical form that must be completed by a Doctor. Any Doctor can carry out the medical and this usually costs between £55 - £120. See Fit 2 Drive Medicals

When completed, forms D2 & D4 must be sent to DVLA, Swansea together with your ordinary driving licence.

If all is well you should receive your new licence from the DVLA within about three weeks. Make sure you have been granted the provisional entitlement/s you applied for.

To obtain a FULL driving licence you must then pass 4 modules

The first Module is the  Theory Test (Mod 1) – 2 Parts - 1a multi-choice questions & 1b hazard perception test
Module 2 is - the Case Study
The third Module is 3 - the Practical Driving Test
Finally Module 4 - Practical Daily Checks

Module 1 - Theory Test.

The multi-choice test ( part 1a) pass mark is 85 out of 100 and the hazard perception (part 1b) pass mark is 67 out of 100. These tests can be taken together or separately, but you must pass both parts to receive a Theory Test Certificate. If both tests are taken together and one is failed, you only need to retake the failed part!

You can book the tests on the driving and vehicle standards agency’s (DVSA’s) website or

Tel 03002001122. Cost 1a £26.00 and 1b £11.00.

Module 2 - Case Study.

Module 2 must be passed before Module 4 can be taken.

You can book on the DVSA’s website Phone 03002001122. Cost £30.00.

Module 3 - Practical Driving Test.

The practical driving test (Module 3) is carried out at DVSA test centre. LTS is an approved DVSA test centre. Cost of this test is £115.00

Module 4 - Practical Daily Checks.

Module 4 is carried out at DVSA test centres and is all about daily checks, security of the load and passenger care, etc. You must pass module 2 before you can do module 4. LTS is an approved DVSA test centre. The fee for Module 4 is £175.00. This includes training, VAT and the test fee £55.

You can drive an LGV/PCV for yourself after successful completion of modules 1 & 3. For example, a horse box to transport your own horse, but you must NOT drive ‘vocationally’ (get paid as a driver) until you have passed all 4 modules!
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